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Why We Will Yet Succeed

Last week, at The Nature Conservancy’s Marine Aggregation, I spent each day learning from incredible people from around the world squarely focused on advancing conservation objectives with the simple goal of working together to save the world’s oceans. The surprising thing is that, after listening to everyone’s story, there is reason to believe this goal is attainable, even though the threats to coral reefs seem insurmountable. I believe there are at least two reasons that the conservation…


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Spotlight on: Derta Prabuning

Name: Derta Purwita Dhine Prabuning

Where do you work? Reef Check Indonesia 

Job title: Program Manager

What is your favorite part of your job?…


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Antilles Journey: Anguilla, the Northernmost Island of the Leeward Antilles

Sailing into Anguilla.  Obviously a "low relief" island…


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Antilles Journey: Coral Reefs of the Antilles; Taking it from the Top

Saint Martin/Sint Maarten

Northeast corner of the Caribbean (Anguilla to St. Barts).  St. Maarten is left of center.

When I first starting thinking about which…


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Antilles Journey: Short Stories During a Long Passage

900 miles to go!

Musings during a 9 day open ocean sail to St. Maarten


The one thing you can…


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Antilles Journey: The Bigger Picture

Waiting for our weather window

Our next leg from Bermuda will be about 900 miles and that could take us 9 days.  We carry only enough fuel for about 3 days.   So…


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Antilles Journey: Bermuda's Coral Reefs

Lessons from a low diversity, isolated coral reef ecosystem

The northern most coral reefs in the world surround Bermuda.  In fact, the ‘footprint’ of  the island’s coral reefs is much larger than the island itself.  These reefs formed, as all coral reefs do, in shallow tropical seas.…


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Antilles Journey: Off to Bermuda

In Norfolk, Va ready to cross to Bermuda…


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Antilles Journey: Is Getting There Half the Fun?


The Long Road Down


Sailing from Maine to the eastern Caribbean is a trek.  It is 1,600 nautical miles as a crow flies but alas, we are not flying crows.  Under great conditions we will move at about 6 knots.  That’s a slow jog.  Again, this is only worth it if it means Alaria can function as a mobile marine laboratory along the entire eastern Caribbean coral…


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Antilles Journey: Seeking the Pulse of Antillean Coral Reefs

The journey:

Technology shrinks our world.  We chat with folks electronically all over our planet without giving it a second thought.  We can fly almost anywhere in a day.  Our concerns are less on how we get somewhere than how we deal with the jet-lag of having jumped a dozen time zones.  Mine is a slow journey sailing to and through the eastern Caribbean to study remote and hard to…


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Spotlight on: Daniel Oliver Tan

Name: Daniel Oliver O. Tan

Where he works: Freelance with standing projects with various LGUs in my area

Job title: Marine Biologist / Aquaculturist

What is your favorite part of your…


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Trainer's Project update #2

Congratulations to Gilberte, Bemahafaly, and Vola! They have just received their seed funding for trainer's projects and are busy planning their trainings. Also, Derta Prabuning, a participant in the 2012 Training of Trainer's workshop in Bali, Indonesia, recently completed his Trainer's Project!…


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Spotlight on: Yasser Saied

Name: Yasser Saied

Where he works: Red Sea Marine Protected Areas, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Egypt

Job title: Manager, RSMPA

What is your favorite part of your job?…


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Spotlight on: Jillo Katello Wato

Name: Jillo Katello Wato (on the right in the photo)

Where he works: Kenya Wildlife Service, Kisite -Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve

Job title: Research Officer

What is your favorite part…


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Trainer's Project update #1

Congratulations to Vardhan, Vineeta, Jennifer, Terry and Ulli. All have been awarded funding for their Trainer's Projects. (And there are lots of other projects that have been approved or are nearly there!) 

Vardhan is leading a training in early 2014 "Incorporating resilience concepts into current reef monitoring in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago" with Nature Conservation Foundation. 

Vineeta is using her funds to support a variety of workshops and trainings in…


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Spotlight on: Islam Mohammad Elsadek

Name: Islam Mohammad Elsadek Mohammad

Where he works: Egypt- Red Sea Protectorates, Responsible for Marsa Alam Office at the moment

Job title: Environmental Researcher

What is your favorite…


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Reef Resilience and SOCMON

The reef resilience TOT workshop at Zanzibar

The Nature Conservancy organised a Reef Resilience TOT Workshop from 9-14th June this year  at Zanzibar. The workshop was very interesting and informative where both ecological and social resilience indicators were discussed and we had to make a communication and bleaching response plan for each of our sites. The workshop participants came from countries around the Indian ocean. …


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In a rolling stone town

As soon as I stepped out of the Zanzibar Airport, I was greeted by “karibu”, (welcome in Swahili). The friendly driver drove us to the Hotel Grand Palace, the venue of the 2013 Reef Resilience workshop. Grand Palace is in the heart of the Stone Town with big wooden entrance gates that are decorated by fine wooden sculptures, narrow stairways and spacious rooms.…


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Resilience 101: Using your resources

Over the past few weeks I've been traveling to a lot of different places. On one visit, I flew up to North Carolina and drove down the coast to the third oldest town in the state, Beaufort. Beyond old colonial houses was sparkling blue water all around and tons of fabulous salt marshes. Across a small sound from the waterfront downtown was Pivers Island, which is home to a NOAA field office (the US National Oceanic and Atmosheric Administration) and Duke University's Marine Laboratory. I…


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Resilience in Grad School

Back from the Bahamas! Having been home for a little over a week now, I’ve had some time to catch up on some sleep, let my bug bites heal, and more importantly, think about my first experience teaching about the subjects I love: coral reef ecology and conservation! First, it was such a cool experience going back to the Gerace Research Center in San Salvador, Bahamas – nearly 5 years after coming as an undergraduate on the same course. So much has happened in my life in just…


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